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Our Mission

To train Veterans and First Responders in effective warrior-based wellness and self-regulation practices. By utilizing a system of peer to peer support, we are able to guide our Nation's Heroes from a life of post-traumatic stress to a path of post-traumatic growth.

Our Mission

Our Vision

It is our vision to provide a place of refuge and reconnection for our Nation’s veterans, first responders and their families. Heroes Hearthstone

is a place to find purpose through disclosure,

self-regulation, service and community.  

Our Founders


Richard O. Blaine, Jr.

Rick was born in Harveys Lake, Pennsylvania in 1981. He graduated from Lake Lehman High School in 2000 and joined the Army as an Airborne Chaplain Assistant in the 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg, NC.  Rick deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003-2004. Upon returning home he was reassigned to CECOM where among his normal duties he traveled as a part of an Honor Guard detail providing military honors for fallen soldiers killed in action.  He received an honorable discharge after 6 years of service. Following his time in the military he worked as a Pennsylvania State Corrections Officer for 14 years until he retired. During his time as an Officer he also served on the Fire Emergency Response Team and as a member of the Honor Guard.

Like many veterans, Rick struggled with Post Traumatic Stress and spent over a decade pursuing treatment that would help. He found treatment that worked by way of training, utilizing self-regulation practices and wellness techniques as a part of the process of Post Traumatic Growth (PTG). He received this training through the Warrior PATHH program offered by the Boulder Crest Foundation.

Like many Americans who have once worn a uniform, Rick found a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment in the service of others. Along with his childhood best friend Eric, another Warrior PATHH Alumnus, they decided to share what they learned by starting an organization focused on PTG and equipping our local combat veterans and first responders with wellness techniques and self-regulation practices. The vision that became Heroes Hearthstone was born from their own struggle with Post Traumatic Stress and will continue to serve our local heroes until all of our brothers and sisters have found their way home.


Eric J. Pimm

Eric was born in Harvey's Lake Pennsylvania in 1981. Upon graduating from Lake-Lehman High School in 1999, Eric immediately joined the US Army as an Apache helicopter crew chief. During his seven years on active-duty Eric served in multiple assignments overseas including two deployments to Iraq; the initial push into the country in February 2003 to February 2004 and again in December 2004 to December 2005. Eric separated, honorably, from active military service and agreed to serve an additional one-year commitment as a Drill Sergeant candidate in the US Army Reserves. While serving in the Army Reserves his grandmother fell ill and Eric felt the need to return home to Pennsylvania to assist in her care.


Once home Eric worked a myriad of jobs, including time spent as an ironworker, service manager, and EMT. During this time Eric continued to feel the call to service and was appointed EMS Lieutenant for his local Volunteer Fire Company. In December 2007 Eric found employment with a Pennsylvania Department of Corrections where he currently works as a Sergeant and serves as a hostage negotiator and a member of the critical incident stress management team.


In February 2020, after struggling for many years, Eric attended the warrior path program where he was introduced to the concept of post-traumatic growth and the importance of self-regulation practices. Finding value in what he had learned Eric again felt called to share his knowledge with his fellow brothers and sisters in arms. After volunteering with several local organizations Eric, and his best friend since childhood Rick, decided it was best to begin anew with an organization focused on post-traumatic growth and the pillars of disclosure, self-regulation, community, and service... Thus Heroes Hearthstone was born.


Eric currently lives in Dallas Pennsylvania with his wife (Amy), his son (AJ), his mother-in-law (Pat), and his dog (Johnny June Carter Cash). He enjoys ice hockey, (especially the Pittsburgh Penguins) reading, scuba diving and spending time with his family.  

Our Board Members

Board Members

Jonathan Ference



Allen Scott



Suzanne Concklin



Lordes Sikora



Amy Pimm



Cierra Rae


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